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Education & Training Centre

Hong Kong Policy Research Institute Education and Training Centre was established in 2008 to provide training services for local and mainland organizations on various topics and modules. Our lecturers and instructors are from various fields, including university academics, professionals, retired government officials, corporate senior executives, business entrepreneurs, political leaders, etc.


ETC Activities Programmes

Previous programmes (In Chinese Only):

  • 香港公共行政管理研習課程(第一期至第九期)

  • 《21世紀領講堂 – 領袖是這樣煉成的》

  • 溫州大學高校行政與教學管理研討班

  • 粵財控股金融創新研修班專題課程

  • 第八屆(香港)中國農化首腦深修工作坊

  • 商業體驗計劃-大中華發展課程2010

  • 全國煤炭企業危機管理策略研修班

  • 金融海嘯後的銀行和金融企業發展研修班

  • 第27期中國少數民族州展研討班

  • 企業管理與戰略投資總裁研修理

  • 中國高級管理人員培訓班


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