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Council Relations Project

With the increasing needs of accountability, transparency, and public engagement in the HKSAR Government policy formulation process, government bureaus and departments, public corporations, and business and social organizations have to send representatives to attend and make presentations in meetings of the District Council and the Legislative Council on their relevant projects affecting the livelihood and interests of citizens, and also to answer questions from the Council members.

By setting up the Council Relations Project, Hong Kong Policy Research Institution (HKPRI) seeks to offer training and opportunities for the sharing of experiences, so as to enable government officials and corporate executives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their presentations in such Council meetings in meeting the needs and expectations of the Council members.

With a network of advisors and consultants among experienced Legislative Councillors, District Councillors, and professionals from different sectors, the Council Relations Project will work under the principle of no conflicts of interests, and provide valuable information and references for the training of government officials and corporate executives in public engagement.

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